Iron Harvest – Coop Competition

The Iron Harvest – Coop Competition is a GO!!! – Get signed up to Coop Content and take part in our mini-challenges win free entries!


The Iron Harvest – Coop Competition is now live!

So, between now and the end of November (GMT 23:59 – 30/11/2019 – a Saturday) we’ll be giving you the chance to win a heck of a lot of goodies in readiness for Christmas 2019. You’ll get all the physical stuff from us as soon as postage can get it to you, but you’ll get Iron Harvest when it’s ready!

Though you will also get access to the Alpha and/or Beta of Iron Harvest as part of the extras included in the Mecha Edition of the game that you will have won. The final release of Iron Harvest will be announced as and when King Art Games have completed everything to make it the best game they can.

This competition is in no way affiliated or in coordination with King Art Games and Iron Harvest or Stonemaier Games and Scythe. It’s all Coop Content, baby! From us for you!

What are we even doing?

Well, that’s simple! We’re going to run a series of games on various livestreams, depending on how many cameras/much equipment we sort out. For Iron Harvest, we will be playing the board game original Scythe! This will work out as one session every few weeks, most likely every 3 or 4, depending on the availability of our players.

Therefore, we should have about 6-7 sessions over the next 21-22 weeks. That’s 6-7 chances to win a Creative entry through one of our mini-challenges, plus your free Sign-up entry, and as many tip/donation entries as you like. Up to a maximum of 5 entries of any kind per competition per user.

The ways to enter are covered in full in our previous article “Competition Countdown“, but we’ll go over the basics of it here too:

Sign-Up to Coop Content

If you set up an account on Coop Content between now and the end of July (23:59 GMT – 31/07/2019 – a Wednesday) you will automatically be entered into all three competitions!

Bots and duplicate accounts attempting to mine entries will be identified and Terminated. The user behind them will face further action by us as it breaches our Terms of Use and Code of Conduct.

Come Create in a Coop Group

After each livestreamed game of Scythe that we play, we will set a mini-challenge in the dedicated Coop Group “Iron Harvest – Official Competition Group” to maintain engagement before the next game. From all the creative entries we will take the top 10 submissions give them a free entry into the competition.

The top 5 will also be in a special video before the upcoming game, and the number 1 entry will actually be featured in the game. Whether that be a special stipulation, a rule modification, a custom tile design, or whatever we’ve requested you come up with that week.

Tips and Donations on Livestreams and Coop

You might give us tips during a livestream or you might send us a donation through Coop Content directly. However you decide to support us, we’re so grateful that you like our work, we want to give you something in return.

Therefore, if you drop us a message with your details so we can confirm the tip or donation was from you, or if we don’t hear from you we’ll send a message your way through whatever medium you supported us. Obviously, you’ll have to confirm on a donation that it’s for a specific competition, as tips sent during a livestream will automatically be entered into the for the corresponding game.

Check out the King Art Games website for more details on Iron Harvest

And what is it you could win?

A lot…

Iron Harvest Mecha Edition, Scythe (base game), Invaders From Afar, The Wind Gambit, and The Rise Of Fenris (expansions).

A lot...

The Mecha Edition of Iron Harvest consists of: Iron Harvest via Steam/GOG, Access to all Alpha versions (Windows only), Access to the closed Beta (2019 – Windows only), Access to the closed Iron Harvest Feedback Community (Discord), DVD Metal Case, Digital Art Book, Digital Copy, Digital Manual, Digital Soundtrack, Digital Weapons Manual, Game on DVD, Mech Figurine (15cm/5.9″), Monthly Production Updates, Portrait Frame, Printed Hardback Art-book, Printed Weapons Manual, Soundtrack CD, Special Diorama Box, Two printed A3 posters, and Your Name in the Credits.

Hopefully that wets your whistle a bit!

Obviously, as you can see from some of the items above, you’re going to need to stipulate which platform you want the game on and what name you would like to see in the credits. If the name in the credits part isn’t transferable with only 1 month before release, we’ll take that for us and you cannot claim to be Coop Content because of it.

We also suggest that you request Iron Harvest to be on PC, because everyone knows that RTS’s should only be played with a keyboard and mouse. We’re just saying…

Anyway, spread the word, get involved, and maybe all this will be yours!

Catch you later and all the best,

Coop Content

Legal notes:

This competition is in no way affiliated or in coordination with King Art Games and Iron Harvest or Stonemaier Games and Scythe. We have been given permission to use the above images by King Art Games and Stonemaier Games with credit to:

Stonemaier Games for design and production of Scythe | Kind Art Games for design and production of Iron Harvest | Jakub Rozalski for all the artwork & world-building for both Scythe and Iron Harvest under the 1920+ umbrella.

Check them out, give them love, they all deserve it greatly!

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  1. Coop Content

    Our first ever livestream will be happening on Twitch this Sunday (07/07/2019) at 3pm UK time (15:00 GMT) – This will be the first Scythe game in our Iron Harvest competition, so see you on our Twitch channel to take part:


  2. Coop Content

    Edit made on 11/07/2019 at 13:00 GMT+1 to the intro of this article to reflect the probationary nature of the release date on the King Art Games website. We previously stated it was 31/12/2019, but we have been advised that this is not the case and is only an estimated date, so have amended it here to reflect this.

    We have kept our competition end date as 30/11/2019, as this should give people more than enough time to receive the Scythe component of the prizes before Christmas, as well as the access keys for the Alpha/Beta of Iron Harvest.

    It will also give people more than enough time to order a copy of the game themselves if they do not win the competition. Thank you all for your understanding, and our apologies for any confusion caused.